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Video Transport Controller

VTC1 is a compact remote for file-based recorders including: AJA Ki Pro/Ki Pro Rack, Ki Pro Ultra, Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio/Studio Pro, Datavideo HDR-60/70 DN-600/700, Fast Forward Video Studio Pro Replay/Micron/Omega, Video Devices PIX 250i/260i/270i and other recorders. It works with most RS-422 VTRs.

It's small enough to fit in your pocket or toolbox, but tough enough to stand up to daily use in professional environments.

It provides remote control of standard transport functions like Play, Reverse Play, Still, Stop, Shuttle and automatically configures itself to provide clip browsing on AJA, FFV, Video Devices and other decks that support this feature. For most other machines, the Clip+/- feature provides a shortcut to quickly skip 10 seconds forward or back in time.

VTC1 is made with professional transport buttons and a durable steel enclosure and it requires no external power supply, making it even more convenient and portable, and it quickly connects using integrated 3m 9-Pin/RS-422 cable.


  • Compact Universal RS-422 Remote
  • Play, Reverse Play, Still, Stop, Record, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x Shuttle
  • Supports Frame +/- With Most Recorders
  • Professional Transport Buttons - Steel Enclosure
  • No External Power Supply Required
  • Supplied 3m cable
  • Automatically configures for clip browsing on KiPro, Micron, Video Devices and other decks
  • Controls Most Disk-Based Video Recorders Including:
  • Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio/Studio Pro
  • AJA Ki Pro, Ki Pro Rack, Ki Pro Ultra
  • Datavideo HDR-60/70 - DN-600/700
  • FFV Studio Pro Replay, Micron, Omega HD
  • Video Devices PIX 250i, 260i, 270i
  • Most Professional RS-422/9PIN VTRs
  • Specifications

    • Size 6.625 in (15.398 cm) x 1.625 in (4.191 cm) x .625 in (1.5875 cm)
    • Weight .6 lbs (.272 kg)



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