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GPI/Tally Programmable Crosspoint Switch Matrix and Logic Processor

Atlas™ is Highly Programmable Crosspoint Smart Switch Matrix and Logic Processor for GPI and Tally.

It's the ideal solution for correcting any GPI/Tally interface incompatibility, in that it provides a variety of connections and a number of methods of modifying them to perfectly suit the task at hand.


Atlas offers 24 TTL/CMOS compatible inputs with internal pull-ups to +5 volts and referenced to ground on 25 pin D-sub connectors.

It also has 24 parallel, Opto-isolated inputs, on high density, removable, terminal block screw connectors.


The D-sub GPI Out connector has 24 TTL/ CMOS compatible outputs and there are 24 electrically isolated dry relay outputs on high density, removable, terminal block screw connectors.

CMOS GPI outputs can deliver 0 to 5 volts at up to 6 mA and referenced to ground.

Relay Outputs can handle up to 500 mA @ 200 VDC max.

Opto-isolated inputs and Relay outputs use high quality removable terminal block connectors (pairs).


Interfacing options include CMOS In to CMOS Out, CMOS in to Relay Out, Opto-Isolator In to CMOS Out and Opto- Isolator In to Relay Out functionality.

Logic Processing

Outputs can be programmed to use a boolean expression of input or inputs including functions AND, OR, and XOR, with inversion of inputs and/or outputs.

Modification of output characteristics include inversion, delay (up to 999 minutes with millisecond resolution) and pulse (up to 999 minutes with millisecond resolution).

Program and review all functions using front panel controls and 2 x 40 backlit LCD or via free software application for Mac and Windows.

It's ideal for broadcast television, streaming media networks, broadcast video editing facilities, news production, alert systems, monitor switching or in any audio/video/multimedia studios and more.

Includes internal universal switching power supply with detachable IEC connector and cable.

Atlas GPI Smart Matrix Features



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