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Universal RS-422 Video Controller

JLCooper’s TransportPro™ RS-422 makes remote operation of professional video recorders fast and easy. It’s a cutting edge controller with an updated appearance and a sleek, low profile enclosure.

Controls Most Professional RS-422 File-Based Recorders including; AJA KiPro Rack, KiPro Ultra, Ultra Plus, BlackMagic Hyperdeck Studio, Hyperdeck Studio Mini, Sony XDCAM, BVW and more!

A next generation version of ES-450, it’s a direct replacement for ES-450 J RS-422. It’s compact design provides a 20% reduction in the footprint with same controls and spacing.

With innovative features including; automatic deck sensing, remote clip browsing and 2|4|8|16x shuttle buttons, it also includes our optically–encoded, all metal, jog/shuttle, for years of trouble free daily use.

A rear panel GPI connector acts as both a GPI in and out, connected in parallel with the transport and shift buttons. Also includes Kensington desktop cable lock compatibility.

TransportPro’s functions are laid out for intuitive operation, without having to tediously scroll through menus to get to often accessed features. Functionality is at your fingertips with clearly labeled buttons and a natural-feeling key arrangement that helps you work efficiently.

Fast access to Forward Play, Reverse Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Still/Stop, Shuttle Select, Frame +, Frame - and Clip +/- 10 Sec. are arranged in an array around the wheel in easy reach. Seven locates can easily be stored and recalled with the touch of a button.

TransportPro is the first choice for professionals in control!

TransportPro integrates with GangWay4™ for remotely controlling up to 4 Recorders/Channels (This combination replaces ES-450J2/J4, with identical functionality).

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