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SloMo and GangWay Together

16 to 32 channel slomo + gang roll power

SloMoPro RS422 and SloMo Mini RS-422 make precise control of professional video recorders incredibly fast and easy.

They’re awesome all by themselves for up to four channels, but what if you want to control more channels?

Enter GangWay 16 and GangWay 32, easy-to-use Gang Roll Switchers.

GangWay provides the connections necessary for controlling additional decks/channels. Their front panels include lighted buttons for clear indication, as to the status of each machine.

SloMoPro and SloMo Mini interface directly with GangWay to provide simultaneous control, using the GangWay as the machine interface. GangWay’s port assignments are remotely controlled and indicated on SloMoPro and SloMo Mini display.

SloMo and Gangway combine to form the largest and most advanced control systems we’ve ever created.

SloMo and Gangway are the perfect low cost alternative to overpriced control systems costing thousands more.

SloMo and GangWay Together Features

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