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16 Port Gang Roll Switcher

GangWay16 is a compact, easy-to-use, 16 port RS-422 Gang Roll Switcher and GPI Trigger Box. The front panel includes lighted buttons for clear indication as to the status of each machine, an All button to quickly enable all machines, 3 User Preset Groups and a Tally Select button. A built in front mounted RS-422 port provides a convenient connection for a remote.

It has 16 RS-422 ports on the rear panel and a standard rear RS-422 input. The rear panel also includes two 25 pin D-Sub connectors for GPI I/O, power switch and an additional interface card slot.

An optional additional compact interface card can act as a Master Input, connecting GangWay to 10/100 Ethernet, USB, RS-232 or RS-422. This can be used to remotely change the switching configuration of the GangWay itself, or as the source of commands for controlling connected VTRs, DDRs or Servers.

You can communicate with GangWay16 over LAN or over the internet, for remote control and switching. It’s ideal for remote truck or studio applications. SloMoPro RS-422 and SloMo Mini RS-422 can directly interface with GangWay16 to provide for control up to 16 RS-422 recorders.

Gangway16 Physical Specifications




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