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MIDI Line Amplifier - Panel Mount

The MLA-1 is a four channel MIDI Line Amplifier that can be surface mounted and used with a separate MIDI jack panel. This facilitates greater flexibility for installations where MLA units can be in every required location.

MLA-1 can be powered by an MLA-10 or used alone with a separate power supply. Its compact size allows it to be mounted on or inside a wall or panel, truss mounted, etc. A single output can be connected to as many as 4 inputs of another MLA-1 or MLA-10.

The choice between the MLA-1 and MLA-10 depends on mounting requirements. Combine MLA units in whatever configurations best suits your needs. MLA-10 and MLA-1 are functionally identical and offer different form factors. Each provides 4 long distance connections in either direction. MLA-1 or MLA-10 can be combined with up to 4 MLA-XLR units.

MLA-1 MIDI Line Amplifier Features

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