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MIDI Over Balanced Audio Cables

The need to run MIDI signals over long distance is essential for use in recording facilities, theatres, arenas, churches, schools, cruise ships, casinos, nightclubs and other venues using simple twisted pair wiring. Touring professionals also rely on JLCooper MIDI Line Amplifiers to carry MIDI signals long distances over standard audio snakes.

MLA-XLR is a single channel, bi- directional, long distance amplifier or driver for MIDI signals. It extends the range of MIDI to over 1000 feet using standard balanced audio lines (audio snakes, mic cables, etc.).

MLA-XLR is refreshingly simple to use. There are no settings to configure. Just plug in the power supply and connect two MLA- XLRs together with a pair of standard mic cables. Then, connect your MIDI gear as you would normally.

While the MIDI protocol specifies a maximum cable distance of about 50 feet (more or less, depending on the type of cable and other variables), more than 50 feet of MIDI transmission requires amplification.

MLA-XLR takes a MIDI input and converts it to a balanced, differential signal using the RS-422 specification. At the other end, another MLA-XLR detects the signal using a sensitive receiver that has a high degree of noise immunity. This combination lends itself to long distance, error free installations re- quired in professional applications with absolutely no latency.

Since the MIDI signal is converted into a non-MIDI signal, an installation requires a MIDI Line Amplifier at each end of the cable.

MLA-XLR also provides a lower cost expansion option for interfacing with other MLA-1 and MLA- 10 units in a network application with custom wiring.

"JJLCooper MIDI Line Amplifiers are in use by some of the greatest performers and facilities in the world including; Blue Man Group, Cavalia, Cirque du Soleil, Depeche Mode, Ghost, Grand Ole Opry, Journey, Juliard Academy, Kelly Clarkson, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Pearl Jam, Queen, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Sidney Theatre Company, Tame Impala and Yes."

MLA-XLR MIDI Line Amplifier Features
  • 1 MIDI Input - 1 MIDI Output
  • XLR and MIDI connections
  • 1/4 Rack or desktop use
  • MIDI cable runs over 1000' Using common twisted pair wire, XLR Cables or Audio Snake
  • Multiple units may be networked
  • Can be used in pairs or in combination with MLA-1's and MLA-10's
  • Sold Individually

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