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SloMo Mini RS-422

Four Channel Instant Replay Controller

SloMo Mini's small footprint and low cost makes it perfect for sports, scoreboard, trucks, transfer, QC, dubbing and other editing operations.

It makes precise control of professional servers, file-based recorders and VTRs incredibly fast and easy.

Features include illuminated transport buttons, Optical Jog Mechanism, High- Quality T-Bar, Backlit LCD Display, Numeric Keypad & Fast Access Function Keys.

New One Touch Replay, Deferred Replay and In/Out Replay modes simplify Slomo operation, so even inexperienced operators can get reliable and consistent results with minimal training.

Expandable by connecting SloMo Mini to GangWay for remote control of up to 16 or 32 decks/channels!

GangWay16 and GangWay 32 are compact, easy-to-use, multi-port RS-422 Gang Roll Switchers. SloMo Mini can interface directly with GangWay to provide simultaneous control up to 16/32 RS-422 machines or server channels. GangWay's port assignments are remotely controlled and indicated on SloMo Mini. They combine to form the largest and most advanced control system we've ever created.

ES-SloMo and Gangway are the perfect low cost alternative to overpriced control systems costing thousands more!

SloMo Mini at IBC 2016

Controls... AJA Ki Pro, Ki Pro Rack, Ki Pro Ultra BlackMagic Hyperdeck Studio, Studio Pro, FFV Micron HD, Omega HD, Studio Pro Replay, Video Devices Pix 250i, 260i, 270i and Most Professional RS-422 VTRs, Servers and File Based Video Recorders!

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