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GPI Trigger Box

gBOX is a general purpose interface that converts up to 48 GPI (General Purpose Interface) or Tally inputs and outputs into 100/10baseT Ethernet, USB or to a a serial interface.

Up to 8 gBOXes may be slaved to a master gBOX to convert up to a total of 432 GPI inputs and outputs.

It's an economical and professional GPI interface for computer-based automation and control systems. gBOX provides a portal for controlling devices across your facility or across the world.

gBOX can also be remotely connected to other gBOX units to allow longer runs than traditional GPI cables. Since gBOX typically uses TCP/IP, traffic can be routed over internal LANs, wireless LANs, MANs, WANs and internet.

It's ideal for LAN, WAN and Internet control with switchers, computer based switching and monitoring systems, cameras, video monitors, projectors and other devices.

It's the perfect solution for broadcast television, streaming media networks, multi-room editing facilities, news production or in any audio/video/multimedia studio where you need to transfer a large number of GPI contacts over long distances.

When the gBOX has a "Standard" JLCooper P/n #920394 Ethernet Interface installed, it has two distinct modes of operation that are set by the rear panel DIP switches. It functions as either a server or client using standard TCP/IP messages.

An ethernet equipped gBOX communicates over TCP/IP which allows it be used with any host computer running any operating system that uses TCP/IP protocol.

When configured as a server, it passively waits for client devices to connect to it. The device can be a computer or another gBOX configured as a client.

When gBOX is configured as a client, it will actively attempt to connect to the server gBOX. Once this is accomplished, the gBOX will pass data received in the serial or GPI ports to the remote gBOX. If there is no data received in the gBOX, the gBOX will not send any TCP packets.

When the gBOX has a serial Interface installed, it has just one distinct mode of operation. This is GPI to serial conversion.

When the gBOX has an Ethernet or serial interface installed, it is a master unit, which communicates directly with another master unit or host computer. gBox works with optional eBOX io to provide opto-isolated inputs and relay outputs.

gBOX features 48 TTL/CMOS compatible GPI Inputs on 25 Pin D-sub connectors with with internal pull ups to +5 volts, 48 TTL/CMOS compatible GPI Out connectors, rear panel power switch, locking power connector and universal switching power supply.

Connect with our sBOX8D or sBOX 8R - Remote Trigger Boxes using the included modular expander cable, for convenient, relegendable, hot buttons to trigger GPI Outputs.

Interface Card Required
920394 - Ethernet Interface Card
920467 - USB Interface Card
920466 - RS-232 Interface Card
920465 - RS-422 Interface Card

gBOX with 920394 Ethernet Interface is Directly Supported by Anvato, a World Class Google Cloud Platform Company



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