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Remote Trigger for gBOX and eBOX - 1/2 rack Version

sBOX8D and sBOX8R can be used either as ready-to-use, stand-alone, GPI/tally trigger boxes or as companion GPI controllers for eBOX, eBOX GPI8 and gBOX. They provide a convenient user interface with illuminated user relegendable buttons.

When used alone, sBOX controls 8 internal CMOS level GPI outputs.

Connect sBOX to eBOX, eBOX GPI8 and gBOX as a simple, relegendable remote, to trigger GPI /tallys over LAN or over the internet. You can also use sBOX with eBOX to trigger the sending of user programmed serial or ethernet messages. (See our guide to using eBOX with Blackmagic Design Multiview 16, for example.)

For flexibility, an sBOX can be configured to bank switch among up to 3 groups of 8 GPI outputs with eBOX, or it can be configured to address a fixed bank of 8 GPI outputs.

Multiple sBOXes can be chained together to form larger user interfaces or to allow for multiple control areas. The expansion cable that connects the sBOX to either the eBOX or gBOX carries the data signals and power, so separate power supply is not required for the sBOX. A "PS-sBOX" power adapter is available and sold separately, for stand-alone power for sBOX.

sBOX features 8 LED backlit buttons, an illuminated bank switch that allows a single sBOX to control up to 24 GPI outputs. Multiple sBOX units (up to 3 with eBOX) can provide dedicated buttons for up to 24 GPI outputs. A 10' expansion cable is included.



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